A saucy success story. (Napkins recommended.)

For over forty years, we’ve been creating delicious, simple-to-prepare meals for busy Canadians as an alternative to take out and from- scratch homemade meals.

Lou gets busy

Over the decades Lou’s Culinary Team has perfected barbeque sauce recipes and slow roasting techniques to ensure every product delivers perfect taste.


Today we offer a wide array of dishes from slow roasted, hand trimmed, beef, pork, chicken, turkey entrees. We’re constantly exploring different flavour combinations to appeal to all kinds of meal times and tastes.

Our Culinary Team draws inspiration from far and wide. They continually craft new dishes and flavour experiences with on-trend globally inspired ingredients, techniques and flavours.

Our entrees and sides are prepared and seasoned by hand and cooked to juicy perfection. Deliciously tender and ready to enjoy in minutes

Heat. Eat. Chill.